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I didn't like what I wrote last and I don't know what to write now...

I like reading, drawing and writing (the last two should be obvious if you look in my gallery).
Favourite things...
Colour: changes
Food: also changes
Tv show: Invader Zim, Angry beavers and assorted anime's
Music genre: depends on my mood (well my iPod's mood really)
Band: I like different bands

Things I dislike...I don't feel like listing anything for this.
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: Beast- Nico Vega
  • Reading: Cetacean notes
  • Watching: the screen
  • Eating: nuggets
Up until recently I thought that all emotions stemmed primarily from Happiness and Sadness.
Although, last night I read something that stated that all emotions stem from Fear and Love. On the bus today while making a loom band for someone I reflected on this, realizing that it makes total sense. You can categorize almost any emotion into Fear and Love.

Happiness comes from being around people/things you love, the same thing could be said for contentment. its just on a different level.
Stress comes from fearing about not being able to achieve something we want. Greed comes from the fear of losing what is around us, hence we grab as much as we can. It could also be seen as a fear of not being recognized for who or what we are.
These are just a few examples I've rationalized. 

Thinking about it really kind of cleared up a few things about emotion for me.

There's just one little thing I couldn't really place but I think I have it.
Calm is where fear and love are at equilibrium. That or our minds' haven't decided on whether we should be fearful of what is going on.

Other emotions could probably fit into the half way category but I can't really think of any at the moment (feel free to leave one you can think of :-P)


That's that part of this over. 
Why no updates recently? Well Uni has taken a bit of a huge step forward and my inspiration has gone off on long service leave, along with my creativity. 

All I'm getting at the moment are half-baked story ideas and images I know I can't draw with my slowly ebbing skill level :P
Why not draw more often? People ask. My response is either no time or what can I draw?
One thing I want to write which is something I may post after I've finished 'The City of Dark Powers' keeps sitting on the edge of my mind. Silently taunting me with little ideas.... Someone somewhere (inside or outside my mind) is being a real sadistic little... *ahem*

I know I mentioned in my last journal that I wouldn't post anything anymore. Well that rough patch is mostly gone and I have a little more confidence in my abilities (barely). Plus those who don't like my 'arc' based writing style had best stay clear of the next thing I write too. BECAUSE that is going to be a whole load of mini arc and short stories probably. If I can ever get my act together.

Then again as I mentioned, Uni has gone 'Hello I'm here to load you with some very vague reports that you have to do'. 
*Sigh* I love science soooooo much right now :P

This will probably be all from me for a little while at least...



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