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The twin sisters touch down just outside the black, snow covered sign that marked the entrance to the winter countries’ city. Many house windows were lit with the orange glow of fires. Deep grey smoke swirls lazily out of different sized chimneys, causing a haze to form against the clear night sky.  
“The snow country is welcoming us it seems,” Rose speaks sagely, untying her staff as her wings dissipate.
Her sister marches ahead of her, a sarcastic ‘Right’ passing between them. Rolling her eyes the younger sister follows after the dark figure, almost losing her against the dark of the night. Rose smirks as Rufus flutters overhead, landing on the rulers’ helm. Squinting into the darkness she notices that his wings sag, ‘Poor thing, he flew all that way in one day.’
Casting her gaze to her sister, she realises that the ruler was in fact leaning on the tall weapon in her grasp.
The gravelly voice of her magic mentor reverberates through her mind, “Flying can be taxing on those who don’t use mana very often.”
Rose trails a few steps behind her, casting the red glow from her staff forward, adding light to the glow from the surrounding windows. The cold powder crunches underfoot as they approach the twisting spires that made the front of her fiancés’ ancestral home. A sudden cold wind blows, forcing her coat to slap against her side. The chill of the breeze stings at her round and slowly numbing cheeks. By the time they reach the solid ice arch that acted as the gateway into the castle, Rose felt like the chill had set so deep into her bones that not even stepping into a bon fire would rid her of it.
Half way down the long corridor that was the castle entrance the intricately carved ice arches turned into grey stone walls that are equally as complex as the ice before them. Her inspection of the sharp, labyrinth like patterns is interrupted but a low thump. Turning on the spot she frowns at her sister who was seated on a stone bench.
She shuffles forward, bending slightly to try and meet Nut’s eye. “Are you ok?”
“You go ahead,” is the muffled response, “I’ll catch up in a few minutes.”
Uncertainty and worry mix in ocean depths as they move between the hard wooden doors at the end of the hall and her hunched sibling. The scaled gloves squeak slightly as they tighten and loosen against the scythe handle set between her slightly split legs.
“Go and explain everything to your future husband, I’m sure he’d prefer to hear it all from you.”
Nut’s tired eyes sparkle with amusement from the dark depths that were the eyeholes to her helm. Rolling her eyes the darker haired woman takes off down the last stretch, hoping her sister will catch up soon. Her steps falter as the tall, looming oak doors that were the entrance to the castle come into view. The guards bow to her as she stops in the middle of the path.
Surprise lines the left guards tone as he addresses her, “Princess Rose, this is unexpected.”
Her back straightens, “Am I visiting at an inconvenient time?”
“Of course not milady,” the guard on the right bursts out hastily, “It’s just we are used to being pre-warned of your visits.”
“Uh huh,” she huffs doubtfully, “At any rate I need to see the king. I have a rather urgent matter that needs to be discussed.”  
“Of course Princess, right this way,” the left guard states, pushing open a smaller door situated behind him.
Before following the guard, Rose stops and addresses his white helmeted companion.
“The ruler of our land is not too far behind me. Please be sure to show her in right away.”
He bows low to her, “As you wish milady.”
She follows the navy dressed man through the door, down a candle lit corridor into a small, square waiting room. An arched door was set in each of the other walls. The doors to her left and right were plain compared to the delicate swirls that covered the door in front of her.
Rose frowns as she takes in the room around her, “Where are the other guards?”
“The king granted some of the soldiers leave,” the darkly dressed man explains, fingering the handle to one of the double doors, “I’ll just go and announce you.”
With that the man slips into the room, leaving her alone in the small room. Nervousness chewed its way through her within the moments the older man had been gone.
Eventually he returned, opening both doors wide to give her a clear view of the throne room.
The room before her was half the size of the one back at home and was nowhere near as grand. A roll of stark white carpet glowed against the slate grey of the stone floor. Three sets of two bowls of glowing coals on stands were stationed evenly along the strip of cloth. Flowing curtains that transitioned between black and ice blue covered the walls, concealing any other possible accesses. Slumped in a carved, round-backed, blue turquoise throne is the young king. His pure white cloak obscured her vision of his body. She tried not to frown in disappointment when she couldn’t even meet his normally cheerful gaze from where she stood. To the left of the stone throne stands a tall, pinched man with wispy copper hair.
The metal boots of the guard clink together as he comes to attention, “Presenting Princess Rose of the Woodland.”        
Her back straightens and she squashes her nervousness as she takes the first long stride into the sparsely decorated hall. When she stepped past the first set of raised bowl of coals, Rose was tempted to stop and enjoy the comforting heat that chased away some of the chill in her bones.
Shivering involuntarily she surges forward down the snow white carpet, not surprised when the masked king stands and bounds toward her like an excited puppy. Her eyes narrow at what appears to be a sky and royal blue mask that looked like he’d stretched the centre of a sunflower over his head with the petals circling its edges around his neck. He meets her at the final set of bowls, throwing his arms around her almost knocking her staff from her grasp.
“My Rosey girl, I’m so glad to see you! It’s been too long,” he gushes rubbing the side of his foreign feeling head piece against her cheek.
“What in the world are you wearing Allan?” she manages through the tight embrace.
The masked man steps back tilts his head down, “I am wearing my normal robes.”
The younger woman rolls her eye, “I meant on your head.”
“Oh,” nail bitten fingers grasp at the petal edges of his headgear, “this thing? It’s a mask I found in one of fathers old chests…I thought it made me look cool.”
She suppresses a sigh at how small his voice sounded as his voice trailed off at the word cool.
“Just like the time you wore that blue putty mask and ran around calling yourself Glooplord?” a sarcastic voice calls from behind them.
A familiar flapping can be heard overhead as Rufus comes into view, swooping and landing on an arm of the throne behind them.
“You brought her along too?” she hears her boyfriend mutter as she turns to face Nut.
Her twin was gliding down the stretch of carpet, she did not appear to be leaning on the shaft as heavily as she had when they first entered the ice kingdom.
“You caught up fast.”
Nut merely shrugs her shoulders as she comes to stand by her side. Rufus caws from his stand, startling the wispy haired man who stood statue still by the throne. Rose’s gaze shifts to the silent man briefly, noting that he was wringing his gloved hands constantly. His gaze meets her briefly before flickering to the raven resting on the carved throne.
Nut’s demanding tone brings summons her attention back to them, “Have you told him yet?”
“No, I was getting to it,” she sighs, watching as Allan’s covered head moved between the two of them.
“Told me what?” his fingers come up to feel over the masks’ spongey surface, “Is there something on my face?”
Her twin snorts, “Aside from the ridiculously dyed flower mask?”
“At least I wear something interesting, unlike your uncreative ensemble,” he retorts.
Rose stepped between the pair before they could continue to puff up like puffer fish.
“Like I was saying,” she interrupts, turning her attention back to Allan, “We have a problem.”
Allan mutters something that is muffled by his mask, Rose ignores it and continues.
“There is trouble brewing at the Dungeon.”
Behind them the pinched man, cleared his throat loudly earning a look from all three of them.
His tone is tentative and unsure, “Perhaps this would be a better conversation for your private study, Sir.”
“I think that’s the first good idea you’ve had since I hired you.”
Rose sighs and follows her betrothed through a door hidden behind the curtains just to the left of the throne. “Don’t tell me you’ve been throwing money at your problems again.”
“So what if I have?” he huffs slightly, sliding a hand along a tapestry that stretched the length of the corridor, “It solves most of my problems.”
Rose drops the topic at the sound of his tone, not wanting to cause more strife for him then she was about to. He leads them into a room lined with alternating types of weaponry. The young king parks himself on the edge of the low, oak desk that was set almost to the back of the room. Above them the chandelier radiated a soft glow, making the many blades and spikes of different maces glint dangerously.
“Your collection has grown a lot,” the midnight haired beauty comments, failing to keep the surprise from her voice.
Nut cuts Allan off before he has a chance to speak, “Let’s stay on topic.”
Roses’ gaze lingers on a deep orange bladed sword as she nods in agreement.
“I thought the Dungeon was permanently sealed,” Allan states.
Rose shifts nervously, “The seal was supposed to be permanent, but it isn’t and now…”
“Now we have six months to gather our armies and get to the dungeon before the undead plague fills the lands,” Nut finishes bluntly.
The room lapses into silence as the women wait for the king to comment. While standing Rose becomes aware of how heavy her cloak actually was after being dragged through the snow and ice.
Minutes pass before he makes his decision, “I guess I’ll talk to my advisors and start making arrangements.”
Behind her, the princess hears her sister sigh loudly.
Allan seems to miss or ignore the sound as he strides back toward the closed doors behind them.
“I’ll show you two to your rooms and then we’ll have a party to celebrate your arrival tomorrow,” he chatters, pulling the doors open.
Nut turns and storms after him, Rose is quick to follow dreading what she felt was a building argument.
“We don’t have time for a party!” she growls, “We need to leave tomorrow and warn Bjorg.”
Allan waves a gloved hand dismissively, “We have six months, take a chill pill and relax Nut.”
Rose lunges forward and grabs her sister’s arm, shivering as the sodden material squelches in her grip.  
“Please don’t argue with him,” she begs, “At least not until tomorrow.”
Rose barely makes out the word ‘fine’ as her older sister pulls away and stomps after Allan. Rufus flaps about before landing on Nut’s helmet, cawing softly. Stifling a yawn the darker haired woman shuffles after them, shivering every time her sodden cape brushed against bare skin. The older man leads them back to the throne room and through a door hidden by the curtains near the upper left corner of the room. They trail him up a tight set of candle lit stairs and down a corridor. He stops in front of an oak door, engraved on the small plaque near eye level was her name in elegant type.
Rose sighs and rolls her eyes, “I didn’t think you were serious about the plaque.”
She hears her sisters’ low chuckle as she continues after the king down the hall, shaking her head she slips into the finely decorated room. Cold air whispers over her body as her heavy cloak thumps against the rug that covers three-quarters of the floor. Her arms turn into goose bumps as she slides across the room to the small fireplace.
A knock resounds around the room as she manages to start the fire going. She rushes to the door, pulling it open cautiously. Warm honey brown eyes light up like Christmas lights, the blue mask from earlier is pushed up revealing flushed cheeks and a slight sheen of sweat.
“Hot under there was it?” she smirks.
He smiles sheepishly, “yeah. Can I come in?”
She smiles and steps aside, allowing him into her private chambers. He takes up residence on her curtained bed as she enters her walk in robe to the right of her door. Rose rests her staff against the draws and peers into the gloom, groping at the hangers.
“Having trouble sweetie?” Allan calls, his voice sounding slightly closer.
“No, I’m good thanks,” she answers, freeing a white, silk night gown from the hanging articles.
Material and metal clink against the stone as she peels the articles from her person. The smooth material whispers around her ankles as she slides out of the wardrobe.
“You look beautiful,” Allan smiles, his cheeks turning pink.
Her own cheeks burn as she fiddles with the elastic cuffs of the gown, “Thank you.”
“You’ve been dating for how long?” Nut interrupts from the doorway, startling the two, “And this is as far as you’ve gotten?”
Roses’ cheeks burn darker as her sibling saunters into her walk in wardrobe.
Allan manages to put together a sentence before she can, “What are you doing in here?”
“I’d think that is obvious,” Nut snorts, exiting the small space with her second gown hanging on her arm, “I’ll leave you too, whatever this is.”
Rose watches as Allan puffs up at the now closed door, “I don’t get what her problem is.”
“You know that Father was stricter with her and well…”
He sighs loudly and nods, turning to face the fire, “She’s just so…”
A gentle hand guides him to sit on the carpet a metre from the fire, Rose settles behind him and gently kneads the muscle under his neck.
“Nut is…complicated,” she mutters, pressing against the tense muscle.
Allan moans softly and relaxes against her, forcing her to stop what she is doing. His head rests on her right shoulder, the flickering flames reflecting in his eyes. Moments later he’s scrambling to his feet, trying to cover his nervousness by fiddling with his cloak.
“Well I’d better go start putting together stuff for the party tomorrow,” he chuckles, rushing to her door, “before I go to bed anyway.”
She follows, rolling her eyes at his sudden change. As he’s pulling the door shut, Rose pulls it back open and presses her lips against his.
She giggles when he turns bright red, “Don’t be up all night.”
Allan manages to nod and waves sheepishly as she shuts her door. Tracing back to her nightstand she pulls her circlet off and ponytail out before setting them down on the polished surface along with her ring. Slipping between the heavy sheets she allows the sound of the crackling fire to lull her into unconsciousness.
Kingdom of cold
The next installment from castle sweet castle...

I really hope this will stay in my six part restriction..
The sound of wood and cloth being moved coupled with the bright light of the rising sun woke Rose the morning after the festival. Bleary blue eyes barely make out the shape of a maid who was across the room, picking her outfit for the day. Pulling herself up into a sitting position she watches as the maid pulls a floor red and white trim, floor length gown from her closet.
"I would rather wear what I came home in yesterday," she states, "Dresses are not very practical for travelling in."
The fair haired maid glances at the fire patterned bundle of clothes near the end of her bed and then at the gown in her possession.
"Surely your lady ship would prefer to look more presentable when visiting her fiancé?"
"If we were going for a social call I would agree with the dress."
Both women flinch and look toward the doorway where the black armoured ruler stood. The spiked helmet was being held against her hip rather than being worn.
“Rose is quite capable in choosing her own clothing, “Nut continues stiffly, “So I suggest you continue with your normal chores.”
The servant nods hesitantly and scuttles out of the room, leaving Rose to stare out after her.
“Why did you do that?” she frowns, slipping out of the four poster bed.
Nut shrugs and grabs her door handle, pulling it shut so she could dress in peace.
Rolling her eyes she edges around the bed and collects up the discarded cloth that was her skirt. She slides her slip off and pulls on her black shorts and half shirt, muttering angrily when the coins tangle together. Once her top was fixed Rose lays out her tie up skirt, ensuring all the gold disks are straight. Carefully the young woman picks up the large, triangle of cloth and wraps it around herself before tying it on her left hip. Moving back around her grand bed she snatches up her brush and tugs the knots out of her hair. After tying her hair up into a pony tail Rose slides her golden circlet onto her brow. The sunlight shines through the diamond of her ring as her hand hovered to pick it up, lighting the back wall with different coloured reflections. She watches the colours dance for a moment, mesmerised by the overlapping flickers. A loud knock shocks her out of the dance, she quickly swivels to face the door noticing that it is the same maid from minutes earlier.
“Breakfast is ready milady.”
Rose nods and snatches up her engagement ring, following the much older woman out to the dining hall. She hesitates in the dining doorway when she sees two heads of lavender seated at the long banquet table. The older woman at the far end of the hall stands from her seat, gesturing for her to take a seat. Her sibling looks up as she pulls her seat out from the table, she catches a glimpse of the kind woman she grew up with before she’s lost behind a mask of indifference. Ocean blue eyes glance between the food and the other two females in the room. The tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a butter knife.
‘Still the same it seems,’ she sighs internally, reaching for a bunch of grapes an arm’s length away.
Nut speaks as she lifts the first grape to her lips, “Don’t fill up too fast, I’ve had the chefs make your favourite.”  
“You tell me after I break a branch off,” she sighs, half glaring at her identical twin.
Nut’s lips twitch up slightly and she shrugs, picking up the papers in front of her.
The widowed queen at the other end of the table speaks up as a man dressed in white delivers a stack of strawberry and cream decorated pancakes to her seat.
“So Rose, how have your travels been?”
“Oh, well not too bad I suppose,” she shrugs, waiting for the cook to return with a lemon wedge and maple syrup, “I’ve met a lot of different people and learnt some incantations.”
The portly man finally returns placing two small bowls down above her cutlery.  
Rose smiles her thanks and digs in as their mothers’ thin face nods up and down, absorbing the information, “Perhaps you should do some travelling yourself Nut, learn how to mingle and talk to others like your sister.”
Rose stops mid chew, her gaze slides to her sister who is still sitting calmly seemingly ignoring the snipe.
She looks back at the older woman when she sighs loudly, shaking her head. “See what I have to deal with Rose? She doesn’t even listen to me anymore.”  
Slightly bulging cheeks shrink as she swallows the mixture of strawberry and pancake, nervous ocean eyes look between the other two waiting for the ensuing argument. A midnight blue eyebrow raises when Nut silently stands from the table and leaves the room without another word. Frowning she twists in her seat, watching her disappear down the hallway. Sighing she finishes her pancakes and follows after Nut, leaving her mother at the table. Her flats echo quietly around the tall, stone halls as she searches for her twin.
Eventually Rose is stopped when she kicks something across the stone floor. Glancing down she finds a neat pile of dark armour in front of a half closed door. After she replaces the misplaced piece of armour, the younger sister slips into the chandelier lit room. The midnight haired woman stops just inside the door, her eyes roam the walls that are lined with family portraits. Her eyes come to rest on one of the larger portraits placed directly in front of the door. She stares up into the eyes of her strong jawed father, slightly intimidated by how life like the cold ocean blue eyes seemed to be. A younger version of their mother stood proudly by her husband, a gentle smile lighting up her features. The pair of four year old children are obscured by a mop of braided, lavender hair. Her sibling is dressed in tan pants and emerald tunic, Rufus was nowhere to be seen.
Nut flinches when she speaks from behind, “His name is hard to live up to.”
Rose continues to her side, staring up at the family portrait in front of them, “Everything was easier back then.”
The older woman shakes her head in disagreement, “We were just too young to know the difference.”  
Rolling her eyes she stares up at the pair of identically dressed four year olds standing in front of their father. Grins almost as wide as the Cheshire cats were painted on both girls, their fathers hand rested on Nut’s shoulder while their mothers rested on Roses’. Glancing to her sister she notices unshed tears glistening in identical pools of ocean blue.
Staring back up, she begins to fiddle with the disks that sat against her abdomen. “You miss him don’t you?”
Booted feet scrape against the carpet, “It does not matter.”
Turning Rose lunges and pulls her sister into a tight embrace, leaning her chin on her shoulder, “It is ok to you know.”
“We need to get going,” her sister sighs, patting her wrapped arms, “I hope you know how to use your tattoos.”
Rose’s roundish cheeks puff up in annoyance as she releases Nut, “Of course I know how to, I’m probably better than you at using them.”
She can hear the smirk in her voice, “We shall see.”
With that the older twin was out the door and the faint clink of metal can be heard out in the hallway.
“I’ll meet you at the front gate in twenty minutes,” she calls back through the door.
Rose nods in response, only to mentally smack herself when she realises her twin wouldn’t see the gesture. She quickly strides out the door and looks down both ends of the corridor, frowning when she finds no trace of her sister.
The flutter of wings overhead startles Rose as she is making her way to the front gate after collecting her staff. Tilting her head back she watches as the raven comes to land awkwardly on the neatly collected drapes of a nearby window.  
She chuckles and shakes her head at the black birds’ antics, “You know mum doesn’t like you playing on the drapes Rufus.”
She holds out her hand and he flutters to her outstretched arm.  The princess carries the bird with her through the courtyard and to the gate. Rose stops dead in her tracks at the sight of the large, black, bat-like wings that rested against her sisters black armour. The ruler turns at the sound of her gasp. Looking closer at the helm, Rose notices that the shape and placing of the spikes accompanied by the wings gave her sister the appearance of a black dragon. The black bird jumps from her arm to her sisters’ metal covered fore-arm, he leans down and eyes the black, scale patterned gloves on Nut’s hands.
Her muffled question snaps Rose out of her daze, “Shall we be off?”
“Yeah, just give me a sec,” she answers, clearing her thoughts to start using her magic.
Rose closes her eyes and concentrates on the feathered wing tattoos that stretched the length of her back. The tingling sensation that had begun to build quickly turned into a burning sensation as they lifted from her skin and grew to their full size. A wave of dizziness washes over her as she opens her eyes and glances at her wings which were slowly shimmering through the colours red, orange and yellow giving them a look of burning flames. The black bird caws and flaps his wings, leaving her field of vision. She turns in time with her sibling, watching as Rufus hovers around her sisters’ scythe which was propped against the brick wall. The ruler is quick to respond, stepping toward the weapon while unwinding a length of rope from around her waist.
“You’re not seriously bringing that,” Rose deadpans, watching as her sister ties one end of the braided rope close to where the blade met the staff.
“Why wouldn’t I?” is the muffled response, as she turns to face her “How do you expect to carry that staff?”
She opens her mouth only to snap it shut as she mulls over the question. Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of hurried feet and shouts of their names. Rose turns and fights a grimace as their mother hurries up with two bundles of fur lined cloth. The blue haired woman’s mouth drops opens to protest, only to be silenced by her mothers’ stern expression. The thin faced woman handed her twin an ash grey and black cloak before turning and throwing a red cloak around her shoulders. Her wings distort slightly as her magic shifts to set them above the thick cloak. While her mother fusses over tying the bow, Rose takes the chance to glance over at her sibling who appeared to be ready to leave. She had managed to secure the scythe over her dark winter weight cape, her bat wings seemed to be a little larger to compensate for the extra weight. The curved blade hovered in the air at approximately the same height as her ankles while a third of the staff stuck out in the air near her opposite shoulder.
‘Well that looks awkward…’ she sighs inwardly, looking back to her mother who was silently appraising her.
The older woman’s gaze falls on her staff, “How are you going to carry that?”
“I was going to carry it like Nut is carrying her weapon,” she answers quickly, looking to her older sibling, “Do you have another length of rope?”
Nut pulls another length free from under her black cloak. Rose accepts the rope, noting the amusement swimming in her ocean blue eyes. She quickly fastens her plant-like staff to her back before hugging their mother good bye. A muffled cough breaks their embrace and her sister turns away from the pair before saying; “We’d better go, otherwise we won’t make it by sunset.”
“I still would prefer it if you took a carriage,” their mother sighs, stepping back as Nut’s wings beat in unison causing a dust cloud.
“Carriages are for social visits,” Nut half shouts as her feet lift from the ground, “And we don’t have time for that, not if the threat is real.”
Rufus caws his agreement, taking off to hover with Nut who was slowly ascending.
The younger woman smiles briefly before facing away from her. Small stones under her feet crunch as she crouches to take to the sky, her magic pulses through the wings as they beat in time and launch her into the sky.
Castle sweet castle
Yeah this may become six parts because of this chapter... I swear I'll try my best to keep them shorter, sharper and shinier in the figurative sense :P
The girl groans when she finds herself in the dark expanse for the third time.
"How long is this going to go on?" she mutters, slowly standing.  
She sighs and inspects her surroundings, finding nothing to guide her. She begins to wander aimlessly. After a while an annoyed sigh escapes her lips and she stops, turning on the spot.
Looking up at the black sky she demands loudly, "What am I supposed to do this time?"
When nothing replies she huffs and continues in what she believed was a forward direction.
Eventually she comes across a glowing white shoe print. The girl stops near the glowing print, staring at it curiously. Crouching she reaches out and taps the glowing surface tentatively with her right index finger. She yelps and falls back onto her bottom when the surface changes to an aqua blue. A trail of shoe prints flash into existence in front of her. Standing quickly she steps forward to move towards the second shoe only for it to fade, leaving only the first one. Frowning she steps back and glances at her own Mary jane shoes. She lifts her foot and hovers it over the print, slowly places one foot on the original shoe. The other prints return and a small smile graces her features. The ten year old half jumps to the next foot noticing that it’s almost double her shoulder width apart from the other one. Looking down she watches as the print turns from white to hot pink. Giggling she continues her game of hop scotch, taking the time to notice that the shoe prints are double the size of her own feet. She follows the trail as it arcs and swirls until she comes to a red door. She looks back at the last footprint watching as the fluorescent yellow fades away.  Swivelling back she stares at the brightly painted red door before trying it. The metal door handle jiggles but does not fully turn causing a frown to settle on her features. After pulling and shoving the door she steps back looking for a key. Finding nothing in the immediate area she steps past the doorway, expecting to meet a wall. The girl is surprised when she continues forward, walking around the door frame. The back of the door is lime green. She grabs the handle and twists, surprised when it pushes open. A quizzical look settles on her face and she shuffles back around, finding the red door still closed. She blinks and stares at the door before shaking her head and walking back around.
"This is insane," she grumbles, staring at the black and white scenery through the door.
She sighs loudly and steps boldly through the door. She squeaks and flinches when the door immediately swings shut behind her. She quickly swivels to face the door, frowning when she finds that it was now white with a number one painted in the middle of it. She tries it and sighs when she finds that it won't budge. Groaning she steps back and turns to face the world of black and white. The first thing she notices is that the sky is still black, except for the daisy yellow sun which looked like it had been painted in the sky. Multi-coloured lines radiate around the yellow sphere in the sky.
'It's almost like a child painted it,' she thinks, looking out at the world around her.
The world she had stepped into resembled a three dimensional number colour in. Squatting she studies the stone path beneath her feet, tracing the different numbers on the stones. When nothing happens she rises to her feet and stares out at all the different hedges and bushes that filled the immediate area. She wanders through the uncoloured plants, staring at all the different numbers that decorated them. She travels back to the stone path and follows it to the centre of the garden.  At the centre she finds a large fountain basin. At the centre of the basin is a pillar that is twice her height. On top of the pillar are four large tilted paint tins.
She stares up at the cans, expecting something to start pouring out. When nothing does she bends to inspect the basin. She traces the number carved into the bleak stone. Slightly confused the child begins to stroll around the fountain, letting her fingers trace the surface of the water fountain. Her eyes searching for any signs of life. She stops when her foot sends something skittering along the ground. She chases after the paint brush and picks it up as it rolls to a stop. She studies the cylindrical object in her grasp, turning it over carefully. An eyebrow raises when she finds a small red button near the bristle end. She pushes it in and closes her eyes not wanting to know what happens next. After a few tense moments she opens one eye and finds that nothing had happened. Frowning she releases the button and stares down at the dark bristled implement. While staring the girl did not notice the quiet clomping noise that was approaching from behind her. It isn't until something bumps into her from behind and she jumps. She stumbles forward and turns only to have something wrap around her ankle. A shriek escapes her as she is hoisted upside down. The thing wrapped around her grows and lifts her into the air. The black rope begins to lower her down as she tries to push her skirt up so it covered her legs.
But she's sure that it saw her undies and flushes red. She then looks forward and finds herself level with a large black pupil. Looking to the ground she finds herself staring at a pair of big, bright yellow shoes. She glances back and looks into the pupil that was studying her. After a few seconds a name for the one holding her rings in her head.
"Nut," he replies happily, lowering her onto the pavement.
She stare up at him from the ground, watching as the black antennae that had been holding her shrinks to its normal size. Coiled in the other antennae is a paintbrush much like the one she is holding. Both antennae rested on top of a large, spherical light blue body. A big oval like eye covers a third and a half of his body. Centimetres down from the bottom of the eye is a mouth which is stretched into a large grin.
"Is Nut going to lay there all day? Or will she help Gelus paint?"
She scrambles to her feet and raises an eyebrow. "Paint?"
To demonstrate the antennae holding the brush lowered to the ground. When it came in contact with the pavement the colour pink leaches out of the brush and onto the pavement. Gelus spreads the paint over the stone.
"More magic?" she whispers watching the paint smear with wide eyes.
"Nut will help Gelus?" he asks staring up at her.
"Sure," the girl shrugs, watching as the grin on his face widens even further.
"Nut can start on that bush over there," he states, using an antenna to point at a plant "and Gelus will start with this one," he finishes, moving toward a nearby bush.
The child walks to her indicated bush and tentatively reaches out with the brush in her hand. When the brush comes in contact with the leaf a shade of light blue spills out. Frowning the girl pulls her brush back and puts it to another leaf. This time a daisy yellow colour spurts out. Her eyebrows furrow together and she shifts the bristled implement to one of the roses. She turns away from the plant when the rose turns an emerald green.
"Gelus I think my..." she stops mid sentence staring at Gelus' red and blue painted bush.
The light blue creature turns to face her, "Something wrong Nut?"
"Plants are meant to be green with pretty coloured flowers," she huffs, "not multi coloured with green flowers."
"Gelus never said that these were 'normal' plants," he states, rolling his eye at her.
The ten year old opens her mouth to argue, only to close it when she realises he's right.
"So what's the point of flowers if they're all going to be green?" she questions.
"They aren't all green," he frowns pointing at one of his half painted flowers, "This one is purple."
The girl frowns and stares at the flower, "Is my brush broken then?"
He glances back at her bush and then at her, "Tell Gelus what yellow and blue make when mixed."
"Green?" she answers uncertainly.
Gelus grins and continues, "So what does red and blue make?"
"Purple," she grins, understanding what Gelus was getting at.
"Good," he smiles widely, "Will Nut finish painting now?"
She nods her head vigorously, swivelling back to finish her bush of green roses.
Half way through painting she is interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She turns and is confronted with a purple Gelus, who is grinning proudly up at her.
She frowns in confusion. "You changed colour?"
His grin widens. "Gelus finished his bush, it is perfect," he beams proudly, stepping aside.
The girls' eyes narrow and she walks over to the painted foliage, eyeing it with a critical gaze. She circles the red and blue structure, stopping when she finds a leaf still blank.
"Uh Gelus, you missed one," she says, pointing at the blank shape.
Gelus' colour swiftly changes from purple to an angry red.
"That's not possible," he huffs, stomping over to her, "Gelus painted every one!"
The young girl shrinks away from him as he stops in front of the white spot.  The red soon fades back to light blue and he lifts his brush and paints the blank leaf. Once its fixed he turns to face her, he becomes a slightly darker blue as he does.
"Gelus is sorry for getting angry and upsetting Nut," he says apologetically.
She relaxes a little and studies him carefully, "Apology accepted."
Gelus smiles and lightens to his normal light blue.
The child smiles back and wanders toward her half done creation ,"I'm going to go back to painting."
"Gelus will go onto the next bush," he responds.
She nods and starts painting again, listening to Gelus as he moves onto his next plant.
When she finishes her rose bush Gelus directs her to the next plant for her to colour.
Two thirds the way through her second bush the girls wrist begins to ache. Wincing she switches hand and clumsily continues painting with her left hand. She continues with the switches until her arms begin to ache and her eyelids begin to droop. The girl stumbles away from her current painting and over to the one eyed creature.
"Gelus, my arms are sore and I feel tired," she yawns, stopping a few steps away from him.
He looks back at her and nods in acknowledgment.
The yellow shoed creature turns and gestures for her to follow him. She follows him to a round gazebo lined with plush, multi-coloured couches.
"Nut can rest here," he grins, "Gelus will see Nut next time, maybe."
The girl nods tiredly and clambers onto the closest couch, resting her head on the rich red cushion. Her eyes slide shut as she watches Gelus leave the area.
I finished this a while ago, lost it before I could post it and then found it again today
The last light of the day cast her shadow upon the road as she approached her home town, three days after leaving the elderly man. Her horse trotted down the cobblestone road heading toward the brightly lit centre. Her lips pull back into a smile at the sight of the children running around in hand drawn masks. A very long table was set out across the grassy patch that served as the town centre. Upon the wooden surface are various treats and vegetables, offerings for the dead that would surely become food for the forest life that lived in the surrounding woodland. The castle that had served as her home for a lot of her life stood as a black silhouette in the fading light, giving it a foreboding feeling.  Most of the towns’ people were gathered around the offerings, some in costumes of their own while others dressed in all black. It was easy to tell those that were still grieving over the losses from three years ago. The horse rears back suddenly as a pair of children run past shouting loudly. Cursing under her breathe Rose attempts to reign in the panicking creature. It eventually settles and she leads her steed around the large crowd, searching for her sibling. She eventually sights a figure cloaked in black, sitting upon a throne situated on an elevated platform. A large purple and black bladed scythe hung off of one of the supports on the tall, square backed chair. Her eyes are drawn upwards to the space above the black, spiked helmet, Rose notices that the gem that normally hovered above the helm was not present. Her steed snorts and backs up a few paces, getting restless at the lack of movement. Sighing she slides from her saddle and ties the creature to the nearest post out of harm’s way. After retrieving the green and red staff from the back of the saddle, she pats the horses flank lightly before setting off. Her feet barely touch the ground as she works her way through the gathering, heading toward the dark figure lounging on the podium. While she squeezes through the masses she catches snippets of hushed conversation.
"The Prince of Death seems to be content tonight."
"Prince of Death?"
"Nick name for Nut that I heard in another village..."
"Have you seen the damage that thing can do?"
"I heard it can destroy houses with one swing..."
Her eavesdropping is interrupted by a loud fluttering overhead. Glancing up she watches as a black bird almost the size of a house cat lands upon the gem that is the top of her staff. It croaks and tilts its head to the side, staring down at her.
Rose smiles up at it, using a few fingers to ruffle its chest feathers, “Long time no see Rufus.”
The bird taps her circlet with its beak before taking off, landing on the back of the throne. Her twins’ helmet tilts back, an arm lifts and the raven hops down onto the offered appendage. Her view is obscured when a cloaked man steps in front of her, placing an offering upon the table. Sighing, Rose pushes forward, eventually making it to the podium. She lays her staff flat on the hard surface before pulling herself up.
Standing straight she stares down at her sibling, ignoring the eerie pattern of spider webs that covered the entirety of their armour.
"This is certainly a surprise," Nut comments, "What magic forces you home little sister?"
Rose sighs and rolls her ocean blue eyes, "You're only older than me by ten minutes."
Identically coloured eyes stare up at her impatiently, waiting for the answer to the posed question.
She glances at the gathering crowd behind her and then back down at her lounging twin, “I need to talk to you about something. In private.”
The dark figure stands, picks up the scythe and gestures for Rose to head toward their family home. She can feel all the eyes of the townspeople stares as they leave, sending chills of unease down her spine. Rufus flutters ahead, croaking as he disappears into the building darkness. The gem on top of her staff glows faintly, lighting their way up the dirt path as the stars begin to twinkle above them.
She glances over her shoulder at following shadow, “Have you heard the rumours that are going around?”
Rose strains her ears to make sense of the muffled snort, “Like I care about rumours.”
“They’re calling you the ‘Prince of Death’.”
Looking back she catches amusement swimming in ocean blue, “No comment then?”
She barely notices the shrug in the darkness as they travel the last few metres to the guards posted at the front gate. Rufus caws loudly from his perch on top of a stone ornament above the gate. The guards come to attention and push the doors open for them as they approach, saluting as they pass. Torches through the courtyard were in the process of being lit as Rose walked past the rows of rose bushes and short hedges. The clink of metal against stone is the only indication that the ruler was still following her.
The next set of guards hastily pull the swirl decorated doors open, giving her a full view of the gold, gilded throne that her father once sat on as well as the strip of blue carpet that lead up to it. A pang of loss settles in her heart at the remembrance of the gruesome events that ended up saving their kingdom. Her vision slides around the large chamber, searching for their widowed mother.
"Where is mum?" she enquires, stopping less than a metre from the high backed chair.
She almost flinches at the clear but soft-spoken answer she receives, "Mother is in her room."
A head of lavender hair flashes in her peripheral vision, the braided bun clearly falling apart from being compressed under the helmet.
The raven swoops in and lands upon the large ball that decorated the top of the throne as her sister leaned the scythe against the back wall before flopping against the red cushions.
"So speak, what matter is so urgent you need to talk in private," she sighs, leaning on one of the clawed arms.
She bites at her plump, lower lip before answering, “There is trouble brewing at the Dungeon.”
Nut’s eyes harden and her pink lips pull down, “Come again?”
“The seal is weakening, we need to get in touch with Bjorg and Allan to prepare.”
“Storm breaker and your fiancé? I don’t know about you but, I haven’t talked to either of them in a very long time,” she grimaces, covering her mouth with her leaning hand.
Roses’ button nose scrunches up, “Dad always said communication is important when ruling a kingdom.”
The young ruler straightens in the velvet cushions, “Don’t lecture me Rose, I get enough of it from Mother.”
The midnight haired woman flinches slightly at her older siblings tone, she could see why people were coming to fear the lavender-headed lady. Nut sighs and slumps back, tiredness seeping into her ocean blue eyes. Rose watches as Rufus hops down onto the arm her sister had just been leaning on. Nut’s lips twitch up into a small smile as she reaches out and pets the cat-sized raven.
The older sibling speaks again, not taking her gaze from Rufus as she addresses her. “We will leave tomorrow morning to see your fiancé. Hopefully he’s matured some since I last saw him.”
The weight of the diamond on her ring finger suddenly feels heavier as she clenches her fists, “You know he probably hasn’t.”
“You should know I suppose,” Nut smirks, glancing toward her, “I will have your room prepared for you.”
Rose nods, turning to return to the festival, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning then.”
Persuasion of a sibling
If someone suggests a better title Im all ears :P

I do own the items in Terraria and I have got a copy of the game but I do not own Terraria itself :P


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I didn't like what I wrote last and I don't know what to write now...

I like reading, drawing and writing (the last two should be obvious if you look in my gallery).
Favourite things...
Colour: changes
Food: also changes
Tv show: Invader Zim, Angry beavers and assorted anime's
Music genre: depends on my mood (well my iPod's mood really)
Band: I like different bands

Things I dislike...I don't feel like listing anything for this.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Clicks of mice and keyboards
  • Reading: Presentation for Saturday
  • Watching: the screen
  • Eating: salt and vinegar chips
  • Drinking: berry flavoured water
Yet another old meme... still got nothing to do because the results are being compiled still *sigh*

1)How old are you?

Jack: 7 or 8 I haven’t been keeping track

Psy: I’d say almost ten

Zip: physically I’m 19 or something

Id: physically I’m 17

Gelus: Gelus does not count years

Vy: 18 ish

Bright: 3 or 4

2)Do you have any nicknames?

Jack: Bunny lately…

Psy: Crazy cat is the nicest one

Zip: Dog…although I’m not a dog anymore

Id: I’d rather not say

Gelus: Puff ball…

Vy: cutie or kitten

Bright: I don’t have one

3)What’s your height?

Jack: not sure

Psy: In human form about five seven

Zip: five foot nine

Id: five foot six I think?

Gelus: Gelus does not know

Vy: same as Id probably

Bright: don’t know


4) Are you a virgin?

Jack: not answering

Psy: pass

Zip: nope~

Id: Eer… next

Gelus: huh?

Vy: *blushes red*

Bright: yes


5)Who's your mate/spouse?

Jack: don’t have one

Psy: D I suppose…

Zip: Vy

Id: Pass… *blushes slightly*

Gelus: No

Vy: my Zippy~

Bright: Don’t have one

6) any comments so far

Jack: I feel like I have done this before…

Psy: I’m bored

Zip: can we hurry this along?

Id: nothing specific

Gelus: Gelus is getting hungry…

Vy: Keep the questions going~

Bright: This seems pointless


7) Do u have any kids?
All: NO

8)Fav food?

Jack: I don’t really eat a lot

Psy: Hatred and anger I guess…maybe cake?

Zip: don’t really want to say

Id: eer… gelato maybe?

Gelus: Gelus likes emotion and bitter stuff

Vy: Sweet things like cotton candy~

Bright: nothing in particular


9) Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Jack: Vanilla

Psy: nutella

Zip: mint

Id: coconut

Gelus: Gelus likes lots of flavours

Vy: rainbow

Bright: don’t have one

10)Have you ever killed anyone?

Jack: No

Psy: Yes but he’s alive again

Zip: No sadly

Id: No

Gelus: No

Vy: Why would I have?

Bright: Wish I could kill some people…


11) do you hate any one?

Jack: Anyone who means others harm

Psy: bright and bubbly people

Zip: I don’t hate people

Id: I don’t really feel anything

Gelus: Gelus likes to eat hate…

Vy: Psy and Bright sometimes

Bright: Vy mostly

12) Do you have any secrets?

Jack: Not really

Psy: No

Zip: One or two

Id: *shrugs*

Gelus: Gelus isn’t good at secrets… most the time unless it is super important

Vy: nope

Bright: no

13)Whats your job?

Jack: to make Penny happy when possible and some other little things

Psy: irritate ‘her’ and make ‘her’ feel bad

Zip: influence motivation

Id: creativity and calm kinda

Gelus: Gelus controls emotions

Vy: I’d rather not say…

Bright: to help Jack

14) What do you do to relax?

Jack: not a lot…

Psy: play with people…

Zip: have fun with people

Id: think…

Gelus: Gelus kind of sleeps

Vy: swim…

Bright: Sleep

15) have you met any other voices yet?

Jack: there are whispers but nothing solid

Psy: only minions that I make

Zip: only my little kitten~

Id: on occasion

Gelus: nope~

Vy: others? There are newer ones aside from me?

Bright: none

16) do you like your creator?

Jack: of course

Psy: not a lot…and that’s being polite

Zip: meh *shrugs*

Id: I neither like nor dislike her

Gelus: Gelus likes Penny~

Vy: *shrugs*

Bright: neither like nor dislike really


17) any last words?

Jack: I have done this before right?

Psy: Back to doing things that are much more entertaining

Zip: next time be more interesting with the questions

Id: I found this uninspiring

Gelus: do it again~

Vy: this was not as fun as I expected…

Bright: waste of time

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