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I didn't like what I wrote last and I don't know what to write now...

I like reading, drawing and writing (the last two should be obvious if you look in my gallery).
Favourite things...
Colour: changes
Food: also changes
Tv show: Invader Zim, Angry beavers and assorted anime's
Music genre: depends on my mood (well my iPod's mood really)
Band: I like different bands

Things I dislike...I don't feel like listing anything for this.

Random OC thing I found

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 2:26 AM
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Bed of Nails
  • Reading: Written in Red
  • Watching: the screen
  • Drinking: Vanilla coke (its so tasty...)

Made by :iconXeirynTwist:

Choose 4 of your OC's and Answer the following questions from each character's POV. use EVERY character you chose to answer the questions. ready.... 1....2.....3....4....5.....6- GO.

1) What's your name?

Nut: Nut

Nikolas: Nikolas Miles

Chase: Chase Shadows

Pandora: I’m Pandora~

2) Age?

Nut: None of your business

Nikolas: Nineteen

Chase: I lost count after the first century

Pandora: uuuh…ten

3) Are you a virgin?

Nut: There are no reproductive organs in my species

Nikolas: I refuse to answer that question

Chase: *looks away* yes

Pandora: Virgin?

4) If not, then who took your virginity?

Nut: Are you deaf?

Nikolas: Not answering

Chase: I don’t have to answer

Pandora: This is as confusing as the last interview I sat through…I should have had Boo come along

5) Who's your biggest crush/love?

Nut: *coughs* Rie*coughs* I don’t know what came over me

Nikolas: Allan

Chase: There was one person but he’s no longer alive…

Pandora: I love Boo and Alistair… that’s what you’re asking right?

6) Use one word to describe yourself.

Nut: Knowledge

Nikolas: dead

Chase: … necromancer

Pandora: cute~

7) Tacos or Burritos?

Nut: Tacos I suppose

Nikolas: neither

Chase: Tacos are nicer

Pandora: I don’t really like Mexican…

8) Favourite food?

Nut: waffles

Nikolas: I have a favourite blood type…

Chase: chips I guess

Pandora: Ice cream~

9) Do you like Boys or girls?

Nut: males

Nikolas: either

Chase: Boys

Pandora: Boys

10) do you like parties/crowds/ places with many people?

Nut: No

Nikolas: So many heart beats *licks his lips*…No

Chase: crowds are good to hide in

Pandora: yes~

11) It's the last day of your life, what do you do first?

Nut: have a party with M3 and any other close friends

Nikolas: get drunk I suppose…can’t be blamed for anything I do that’s irresponsible

Chase: Go sky diving

Pandora: go to a books store and read all the books with Boo

12) Any special talents?

Nut: regenerative nano-bots

Nikolas: demons summoning and aura sight

Chase: shadow manipulation through magic

Pandora: mind control

13) tired of this meme yet?

Nut: I’m tired of these interviews I keep being dragged into

Nikolas: no its keeping me distracted…

Chase: I have the spare time *shrugs*

Pandora: no I like talking to new people~

14) cupcakes or muffins?

Nut: cupcake

Nikolas: muffin…

Chase: cupcake

Pandora: angel cakes~

15) Single or taken?

Nut: single

Nikolas: single

Chase: single

Pandora: single I guess?

16) Have you killed anyone?
Nut: yes

Nikolas: not with my own hands…

Chase: Yes

Pandora: No, I’d never do that!

17) if there were a zombie invasion, what would you do and why?

Nut: Find the cure, I can’t afford to have co-workers eating each other

Nikolas: do what I need to survive…then again I am technically dead so I don’t know how that would affect me…

Chase: Survive obviously, I don’t want to be a drooling dead thing

Pandora: eeew Zombies… I’d run away with Boo and Alistair and hide

18) Should i end this meme soon?
Nut: yes, I have better things to do

Nikolas: I’m losing interest

Chase: I’m not in a rush

Pandora: no this is fun~

19) fine. last question: what are you going to do now, and did you like this meme?

Nut: I am going to finish collecting experimental data…I have no comment

Nikolas: Go do some reading, it wasn’t bad

Chase: I should get back to my open case, the interview was interesting

Pandora: Go find the others and get ice cream~ it was fun

20) Any last comments?

Nut: Never doing this again

Nikolas: none

Chase: Will these interviews ever have a point?

Pandora: This is fun~

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