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The girl groans when she finds herself in the dark expanse for the third time.
"How long is this going to go on?" she mutters, slowly standing.  
She sighs and inspects her surroundings, finding nothing to guide her. She begins to wander aimlessly. After a while an annoyed sigh escapes her lips and she stops, turning on the spot.
Looking up at the black sky she demands loudly, "What am I supposed to do this time?"
When nothing replies she huffs and continues in what she believed was a forward direction.
Eventually she comes across a glowing white shoe print. The girl stops near the glowing print, staring at it curiously. Crouching she reaches out and taps the glowing surface tentatively with her right index finger. She yelps and falls back onto her bottom when the surface changes to an aqua blue. A trail of shoe prints flash into existence in front of her. Standing quickly she steps forward to move towards the second shoe only for it to fade, leaving only the first one. Frowning she steps back and glances at her own Mary jane shoes. She lifts her foot and hovers it over the print, slowly places one foot on the original shoe. The other prints return and a small smile graces her features. The ten year old half jumps to the next foot noticing that it’s almost double her shoulder width apart from the other one. Looking down she watches as the print turns from white to hot pink. Giggling she continues her game of hop scotch, taking the time to notice that the shoe prints are double the size of her own feet. She follows the trail as it arcs and swirls until she comes to a red door. She looks back at the last footprint watching as the fluorescent yellow fades away.  Swivelling back she stares at the brightly painted red door before trying it. The metal door handle jiggles but does not fully turn causing a frown to settle on her features. After pulling and shoving the door she steps back looking for a key. Finding nothing in the immediate area she steps past the doorway, expecting to meet a wall. The girl is surprised when she continues forward, walking around the door frame. The back of the door is lime green. She grabs the handle and twists, surprised when it pushes open. A quizzical look settles on her face and she shuffles back around, finding the red door still closed. She blinks and stares at the door before shaking her head and walking back around.
"This is insane," she grumbles, staring at the black and white scenery through the door.
She sighs loudly and steps boldly through the door. She squeaks and flinches when the door immediately swings shut behind her. She quickly swivels to face the door, frowning when she finds that it was now white with a number one painted in the middle of it. She tries it and sighs when she finds that it won't budge. Groaning she steps back and turns to face the world of black and white. The first thing she notices is that the sky is still black, except for the daisy yellow sun which looked like it had been painted in the sky. Multi-coloured lines radiate around the yellow sphere in the sky.
'It's almost like a child painted it,' she thinks, looking out at the world around her.
The world she had stepped into resembled a three dimensional number colour in. Squatting she studies the stone path beneath her feet, tracing the different numbers on the stones. When nothing happens she rises to her feet and stares out at all the different hedges and bushes that filled the immediate area. She wanders through the uncoloured plants, staring at all the different numbers that decorated them. She travels back to the stone path and follows it to the centre of the garden.  At the centre she finds a large fountain basin. At the centre of the basin is a pillar that is twice her height. On top of the pillar are four large tilted paint tins.
She stares up at the cans, expecting something to start pouring out. When nothing does she bends to inspect the basin. She traces the number carved into the bleak stone. Slightly confused the child begins to stroll around the fountain, letting her fingers trace the surface of the water fountain. Her eyes searching for any signs of life. She stops when her foot sends something skittering along the ground. She chases after the paint brush and picks it up as it rolls to a stop. She studies the cylindrical object in her grasp, turning it over carefully. An eyebrow raises when she finds a small red button near the bristle end. She pushes it in and closes her eyes not wanting to know what happens next. After a few tense moments she opens one eye and finds that nothing had happened. Frowning she releases the button and stares down at the dark bristled implement. While staring the girl did not notice the quiet clomping noise that was approaching from behind her. It isn't until something bumps into her from behind and she jumps. She stumbles forward and turns only to have something wrap around her ankle. A shriek escapes her as she is hoisted upside down. The thing wrapped around her grows and lifts her into the air. The black rope begins to lower her down as she tries to push her skirt up so it covered her legs.
But she's sure that it saw her undies and flushes red. She then looks forward and finds herself level with a large black pupil. Looking to the ground she finds herself staring at a pair of big, bright yellow shoes. She glances back and looks into the pupil that was studying her. After a few seconds a name for the one holding her rings in her head.
"Nut," he replies happily, lowering her onto the pavement.
She stare up at him from the ground, watching as the black antennae that had been holding her shrinks to its normal size. Coiled in the other antennae is a paintbrush much like the one she is holding. Both antennae rested on top of a large, spherical light blue body. A big oval like eye covers a third and a half of his body. Centimetres down from the bottom of the eye is a mouth which is stretched into a large grin.
"Is Nut going to lay there all day? Or will she help Gelus paint?"
She scrambles to her feet and raises an eyebrow. "Paint?"
To demonstrate the antennae holding the brush lowered to the ground. When it came in contact with the pavement the colour pink leaches out of the brush and onto the pavement. Gelus spreads the paint over the stone.
"More magic?" she whispers watching the paint smear with wide eyes.
"Nut will help Gelus?" he asks staring up at her.
"Sure," the girl shrugs, watching as the grin on his face widens even further.
"Nut can start on that bush over there," he states, using an antenna to point at a plant "and Gelus will start with this one," he finishes, moving toward a nearby bush.
The child walks to her indicated bush and tentatively reaches out with the brush in her hand. When the brush comes in contact with the leaf a shade of light blue spills out. Frowning the girl pulls her brush back and puts it to another leaf. This time a daisy yellow colour spurts out. Her eyebrows furrow together and she shifts the bristled implement to one of the roses. She turns away from the plant when the rose turns an emerald green.
"Gelus I think my..." she stops mid sentence staring at Gelus' red and blue painted bush.
The light blue creature turns to face her, "Something wrong Nut?"
"Plants are meant to be green with pretty coloured flowers," she huffs, "not multi coloured with green flowers."
"Gelus never said that these were 'normal' plants," he states, rolling his eye at her.
The ten year old opens her mouth to argue, only to close it when she realises he's right.
"So what's the point of flowers if they're all going to be green?" she questions.
"They aren't all green," he frowns pointing at one of his half painted flowers, "This one is purple."
The girl frowns and stares at the flower, "Is my brush broken then?"
He glances back at her bush and then at her, "Tell Gelus what yellow and blue make when mixed."
"Green?" she answers uncertainly.
Gelus grins and continues, "So what does red and blue make?"
"Purple," she grins, understanding what Gelus was getting at.
"Good," he smiles widely, "Will Nut finish painting now?"
She nods her head vigorously, swivelling back to finish her bush of green roses.
Half way through painting she is interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She turns and is confronted with a purple Gelus, who is grinning proudly up at her.
She frowns in confusion. "You changed colour?"
His grin widens. "Gelus finished his bush, it is perfect," he beams proudly, stepping aside.
The girls' eyes narrow and she walks over to the painted foliage, eyeing it with a critical gaze. She circles the red and blue structure, stopping when she finds a leaf still blank.
"Uh Gelus, you missed one," she says, pointing at the blank shape.
Gelus' colour swiftly changes from purple to an angry red.
"That's not possible," he huffs, stomping over to her, "Gelus painted every one!"
The young girl shrinks away from him as he stops in front of the white spot.  The red soon fades back to light blue and he lifts his brush and paints the blank leaf. Once its fixed he turns to face her, he becomes a slightly darker blue as he does.
"Gelus is sorry for getting angry and upsetting Nut," he says apologetically.
She relaxes a little and studies him carefully, "Apology accepted."
Gelus smiles and lightens to his normal light blue.
The child smiles back and wanders toward her half done creation ,"I'm going to go back to painting."
"Gelus will go onto the next bush," he responds.
She nods and starts painting again, listening to Gelus as he moves onto his next plant.
When she finishes her rose bush Gelus directs her to the next plant for her to colour.
Two thirds the way through her second bush the girls wrist begins to ache. Wincing she switches hand and clumsily continues painting with her left hand. She continues with the switches until her arms begin to ache and her eyelids begin to droop. The girl stumbles away from her current painting and over to the one eyed creature.
"Gelus, my arms are sore and I feel tired," she yawns, stopping a few steps away from him.
He looks back at her and nods in acknowledgment.
The yellow shoed creature turns and gestures for her to follow him. She follows him to a round gazebo lined with plush, multi-coloured couches.
"Nut can rest here," he grins, "Gelus will see Nut next time, maybe."
The girl nods tiredly and clambers onto the closest couch, resting her head on the rich red cushion. Her eyes slide shut as she watches Gelus leave the area.
I finished this a while ago, lost it before I could post it and then found it again today
The last light of the day cast her shadow upon the road as she approached her home town, three days after leaving the elderly man. Her horse trotted down the cobblestone road heading toward the brightly lit centre. Her lips pull back into a smile at the sight of the children running around in hand drawn masks. A very long table was set out across the grassy patch that served as the town centre. Upon the wooden surface are various treats and vegetables, offerings for the dead that would surely become food for the forest life that lived in the surrounding woodland. The castle that had served as her home for a lot of her life stood as a black silhouette in the fading light, giving it a foreboding feeling.  Most of the towns’ people were gathered around the offerings, some in costumes of their own while others dressed in all black. It was easy to tell those that were still grieving over the losses from three years ago. The horse rears back suddenly as a pair of children run past shouting loudly. Cursing under her breathe Rose attempts to reign in the panicking creature. It eventually settles and she leads her steed around the large crowd, searching for her sibling. She eventually sights a figure cloaked in black, sitting upon a throne situated on an elevated platform. A large purple and black bladed scythe hung off of one of the supports on the tall, square backed chair. Her eyes are drawn upwards to the space above the black, spiked helmet, Rose notices that the gem that normally hovered above the helm was not present. Her steed snorts and backs up a few paces, getting restless at the lack of movement. Sighing she slides from her saddle and ties the creature to the nearest post out of harm’s way. After retrieving the green and red staff from the back of the saddle, she pats the horses flank lightly before setting off. Her feet barely touch the ground as she works her way through the gathering, heading toward the dark figure lounging on the podium. While she squeezes through the masses she catches snippets of hushed conversation.
"The Prince of Death seems to be content tonight."
"Prince of Death?"
"Nick name for Nut that I heard in another village..."
"Have you seen the damage that thing can do?"
"I heard it can destroy houses with one swing..."
Her eavesdropping is interrupted by a loud fluttering overhead. Glancing up she watches as a black bird almost the size of a house cat lands upon the gem that is the top of her staff. It croaks and tilts its head to the side, staring down at her.
Rose smiles up at it, using a few fingers to ruffle its chest feathers, “Long time no see Rufus.”
The bird taps her circlet with its beak before taking off, landing on the back of the throne. Her twins’ helmet tilts back, an arm lifts and the raven hops down onto the offered appendage. Her view is obscured when a cloaked man steps in front of her, placing an offering upon the table. Sighing, Rose pushes forward, eventually making it to the podium. She lays her staff flat on the hard surface before pulling herself up.
Standing straight she stares down at her sibling, ignoring the eerie pattern of spider webs that covered the entirety of their armour.
"This is certainly a surprise," Nut comments, "What magic forces you home little sister?"
Rose sighs and rolls her ocean blue eyes, "You're only older than me by ten minutes."
Identically coloured eyes stare up at her impatiently, waiting for the answer to the posed question.
She glances at the gathering crowd behind her and then back down at her lounging twin, “I need to talk to you about something. In private.”
The dark figure stands, picks up the scythe and gestures for Rose to head toward their family home. She can feel all the eyes of the townspeople stares as they leave, sending chills of unease down her spine. Rufus flutters ahead, croaking as he disappears into the building darkness. The gem on top of her staff glows faintly, lighting their way up the dirt path as the stars begin to twinkle above them.
She glances over her shoulder at following shadow, “Have you heard the rumours that are going around?”
Rose strains her ears to make sense of the muffled snort, “Like I care about rumours.”
“They’re calling you the ‘Prince of Death’.”
Looking back she catches amusement swimming in ocean blue, “No comment then?”
She barely notices the shrug in the darkness as they travel the last few metres to the guards posted at the front gate. Rufus caws loudly from his perch on top of a stone ornament above the gate. The guards come to attention and push the doors open for them as they approach, saluting as they pass. Torches through the courtyard were in the process of being lit as Rose walked past the rows of rose bushes and short hedges. The clink of metal against stone is the only indication that the ruler was still following her.
The next set of guards hastily pull the swirl decorated doors open, giving her a full view of the gold, gilded throne that her father once sat on as well as the strip of blue carpet that lead up to it. A pang of loss settles in her heart at the remembrance of the gruesome events that ended up saving their kingdom. Her vision slides around the large chamber, searching for their widowed mother.
"Where is mum?" she enquires, stopping less than a metre from the high backed chair.
She almost flinches at the clear but soft-spoken answer she receives, "Mother is in her room."
A head of lavender hair flashes in her peripheral vision, the braided bun clearly falling apart from being compressed under the helmet.
The raven swoops in and lands upon the large ball that decorated the top of the throne as her sister leaned the scythe against the back wall before flopping against the red cushions.
"So speak, what matter is so urgent you need to talk in private," she sighs, leaning on one of the clawed arms.
She bites at her plump, lower lip before answering, “There is trouble brewing at the Dungeon.”
Nut’s eyes harden and her pink lips pull down, “Come again?”
“The seal is weakening, we need to get in touch with Bjorg and Allan to prepare.”
“Storm breaker and your fiancé? I don’t know about you but, I haven’t talked to either of them in a very long time,” she grimaces, covering her mouth with her leaning hand.
Roses’ button nose scrunches up, “Dad always said communication is important when ruling a kingdom.”
The young ruler straightens in the velvet cushions, “Don’t lecture me Rose, I get enough of it from Mother.”
The midnight haired woman flinches slightly at her older siblings tone, she could see why people were coming to fear the lavender-headed lady. Nut sighs and slumps back, tiredness seeping into her ocean blue eyes. Rose watches as Rufus hops down onto the arm her sister had just been leaning on. Nut’s lips twitch up into a small smile as she reaches out and pets the cat-sized raven.
The older sibling speaks again, not taking her gaze from Rufus as she addresses her. “We will leave tomorrow morning to see your fiancé. Hopefully he’s matured some since I last saw him.”
The weight of the diamond on her ring finger suddenly feels heavier as she clenches her fists, “You know he probably hasn’t.”
“You should know I suppose,” Nut smirks, glancing toward her, “I will have your room prepared for you.”
Rose nods, turning to return to the festival, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning then.”
Persuasion of a sibling
If someone suggests a better title Im all ears :P

I do own the items in Terraria and I have got a copy of the game but I do not own Terraria itself :P
The red moon glowed brightly, bathing the raging battle below the colour of blood. Creatures of bone wearing rusted armour surged forth from a pit of darkness. The living met the undead in a mighty clash of steel on steel. Three kings sat upon a nearby hill watching as countless undead poured from the stone doorway hundreds or metres away. All three wore grim expressions behind their helms as their combined armies began to dwindle under the onslaught. Lights of blue and green flashes from various positions among the living, striking down multiple skeletons at once.
"Is it not funny that our kingdoms finally stand united, only to fall to this atrocity?" The left-most king grunts, peering through his visor at his fellow rulers.
The steed of the right king shifts nervously and shakes its head.
The owner titters and corrects his horse, "I would appreciate it if you did not spook my ride Ice king and who says that tonight shall be the end of our kingdoms?"
"Indeed," the middle man adds, "after all, the children are all old enough to take the throne."
Their conversation stops and the sounds of their soldiers dying echoes through the night.  
"This all seems hopeless," the man of ice comments.
All three men turn in their saddles when they hear a low thump resound through the forest behind them. A large blue creature edges into view, its rider slides off and steps out into the red dyed light.
"Not as hopeless as you think," the newcomer comments, sliding their hood off, "We just need to seal the hole they are crawling out of."
“Natasha, what are you doing here?” the middle sovereign barks, sliding from his mount.
The woman rushes to his waiting arms, wrapping herself around the purple plating that served as his armour.
“I thought you could use some help.”
The man on the right coughs and the two break apart, the purple armoured king re-mounts his horse.
“The least we can do is seal the doorway and destroy the remaining skeletons,” he states as he moves his steed to face his wife, “Get some of the mages together and find a way to seal it.”
She nods and climbs onto her large, blue, blob like ride.
The three kings follow behind the blue steed, their grim expressions darker than the shadows surrounding them.

3 years later...

The long grass tickled the top of the young woman's feet as she approaches a large stone door. The coins lining her top and skirt clink as she glides through the almost waist high grass. She curses loudly when she stubs her toe on an object that is obscured by the grass. Grumbling she bends over and massages her foot with one hand, while keeping a firm grip on the staff in her other hand. Longer strands of grass rub across her exposed stomach making it itchy. The throbbing eventually dies down and she continues forward, stopping a few metres away from the carved surface. The runes inscribed upon the cracked granite flash iridescent green. Taking hold of her green staff with both hands she shuffles forward, the large red gem on the end is extended out. An arc of green electricity jumps from the door to the gem, sending a tingling feeling through her arms. Stopping in her tracks she frowns and stands the staff by her side, watching as the runes faded once more.
A deep, gravelly voice speaks from behind her, "It is weakening."
She whirls on the spot to face the speaker, her staff down once more ready to fight.
The man before her is thin faced with a white wispy beard. Sunken blue eyes peer up at her from under the brim of a battered, red hat.
He continues, "The seal set three years ago is weakening and soon they will be free."
She relaxes and stands straight, taking in the new information.
"Who are you?" the woman asks, glancing around the woodland, "And where did you come from?"
"All you need to know is that it is my job to monitor the seal," the bearded man explains, pulling a small set of spectacles from his jacket pocket.
A gasp of surprise leaves the man as the small glass circles settle over his eyes, "That circlet, are you a ruler of a land?"
Her free hand slides up, touching the centre gem of the intricate, gold circlet upon her brow, "Twin of one and betrothed of another."
A slightly amused smile settles on his features, "So you are Rose the wanderer, very nice to meet you, your highness."
A pink blush rises to her cheeks as the old man bows. When he rises his features are grim, "I do not have much time left and neither does that seal."
Roses' midnight brows come together as she turns and glances at the stone behind her. She looks back at the sunken eyed man, determination settling on her features, "What do I need to do?"
“Go to the kingdoms, bring them together and fight this menace.”
“The previous kings died sealing them, what makes you think their heirs can defeat it for good?” she frowns, “We would be better off strengthening the seal already in place.”
The elder sighs as he lowers himself onto a nearby rock, “It will do no good, the army must be defeated.”
"But how?" she explodes in frustration, "They will end up just like the previous kings, but this time there will be no one to take over for them."
The older man regards her silently, stroking his beard with one hand. "Rumour has it that two of them dabble with forces that the previous kings feared."
An image of a black and purple bladed scythe flashes through her mind briefly.
"Yes, well one of them does at least," she admits, "but they are inexperienced and..."
"Stop making excuses girl," he growls, "Go and warn them, gather the armies and wipe this scourge from our world!"
Rose flinches at the power and force in his tone, but nods in understanding. She rushes past him, back toward her horse that stood at the edge of the clearing. A sudden thought stops her in her tracks, turning back she calls, "How long do we have?"
The man struggles to stand and face her. She can only just make out his reply.
"It is hard to say," she watches him look back at the door, "Six months at the most. You will know they have come when the moon bleeds red."
Closet Skeletons
It's been a while I will admit and I hit a wall for everything more or less once the City of Dark Powers ended. 

While I was planning something else this idea hit me and now Im attempting to write a 4-6 part series loosely based on the game Terraria.
 Hope you all enjoy, comments are as always welcome :D

I do own a copy of Terraria but I do not own Terraria itself sadly :P
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
The once bustling city now lay in ruins. A dark haired woman dressed in a tank top and baggy track pants strolled the deserted streets toward the centre of the city. Red irises scanned her surroundings, taking in the smoke lazily curling off buildings both near and far. Her observations are shortened when she kicks something on the sidewalk, glancing down she smirks at the half eaten, but well-dressed body that lay at her feet. The internals and head were missing from the body, leaving it to resemble something like a cooked bird. Snickering she steps over the cadaver, resuming her course down the street. She soon came to the wrought iron fences that encompassed the old building that was once the Town Hall. It still stood two storeys tall with its magically reinforced marble walls. Chained to the walls are bodies, some living some dead. A thin eyebrow raises at the familiar and broken faces of younger politicians. Continuing she passes the once elegant water fountain, which now housed what remained of the city’s leaders’ head on a black pike jammed through what was left of the mermaids’ pedestal. Her gaze drops to the sea critters that are now lost under a thick pool of red that filled the basin almost to the brim.
‘I wonder how often that needs to be topped up,’ she smirks internally, making her way up to the guarded double doors. She pauses briefly as she approaches the double doors, amazed that the two elegantly carved doors had survived the chaos surrounding her.
‘I suppose he can appreciate the little things.’
The towering beings growl at her but, do not stop her as she shuffles forward and pushes the tall, oak doors open effortlessly. A heavy set of footfalls follow her toward the large throne that is composed of an assortment of skulls and other bones from various creatures. Hanging upon a wire above the throne are jars, inside each jar are different coloured orbs of light.
“Admiring my collection?” a gravelly voice chuckles somewhere to her right.
She takes a small breath to answer, tasting the smoke and decay on her tongue. Two tastes that were not foreign but not pleasant, considering breathing was only compulsory when she needed to speak to someone.
“It’s impressive considering how hard it is to catch Will-O-Wisps like this.”
Out the corner of her eye she catches the glint of silver coating his fangs, “They’re tough bastards, but they eventually revert with enough persuasion.”
Eciov waves the guard off as he glides to his throne, sitting back into the high backed chair.
“What can I do for you Psy?”
The shadow steps back, mock hurt pulling at her features, “Can I not just drop in unannounced?”
His grin lessens a bit as he leans forward onto his knees, “You always have an agenda, whether or not you are willing to share it.”
“Don’t we all?” she retorts, her eyes narrowing slightly.
“As I said, what is it you want?” he reiterates, she doesn’t miss the edge to his tone.
“From what I can see, you owe me…”
“I owe you?” he smirks, the amused twinkle had returned to his eye.
The shadows around her feet twitch at the interruption and her gaze turns cold.
His grin does not waver as he slumps back, “What do I owe you?”
She manages to swallow the rising anger before answering, “A new home and territory.”
A hairless brow raises and he steeples his clawed fingers, staring at her with a thoughtful expression.
Eventually he nods in agreement, "Indeed, I do apologise but the owner was a threat to our progress."
A low growl slips through her clenched teeth, the king chuckles.
"It's all over now though, he's dead and you're still here," he grins, gesturing to her person.
"What are you implying Eciov?" Psy hisses menacingly.
"Well to be honest I'd half expected you to stop existing with the dear doctor," he explains, shifting forward, "You did throw us off of his scent quite a lot when he was still around."
"It was part of our agreement, I watched his back and I got the best room in the house," she sneers, crossing her arms haughtily, "A view I have found that I sorely miss."
Vampire fangs clink as he shifts slightly, she is unsure if it from unease or irritation. Not that she cared.
"I will have my men search for some... similar accommodation for you that is still in mostly working order."
"I would be ever so grateful. Your majesty," she snickers, giving him a low mocking bow.
It was his turn to growl at the female as she straightened.
"I'll be back in a few days," she states, turning where she stood, "I hope you'll have found somewhere by then Eciov."
He growls again, it is a low and threatening sound.
"I am not one of your pets Psy," he spits angrily, "do not treat me as such."
Stopping where she stood the shadow half turned to face the taller being, watching as his claws curled as uncurled itching to tear something or someone apart.
She can not help the teasing grin that pulls at her features, “Of course you aren’t. If you were your behaviour would be much better.”
Psy doesn’t even flinch when Eciov leaps from his throne, his claws aiming to remove her head. He does not get far before the dark tendrils at her feet leap to life, throwing him back into his seat of power. He growls and struggles to break free as they swarm around him, trapping him against the cushioned surface. She drinks in the creatures’ anger as she approaches, listening as curses mix in with the stream of enraged growls and hisses.
She feels his muscles strain to break free as she addresses him, “You are certainly a lot stronger than others of your kind…One of the perks of being an alpha male perhaps?”
His growls lessen but his face stays fixed in a silent snarl, golden eyes glower at her as she removes some imaginary lint from her top.  
“Now. Let us get a few facts straight here,” she begins calmly, “I have lived for a very long time, I have seen many powers come and go. So you are one of a few leaders that have risen in what I consider my lifetime…”
“What is your point,” he rumbles angrily.
Her eyes narrow to slits and the dark binds tighten against him, “MY point is, you are here because I happen to LIKE you and if I really wanted to I could kill you as well as your followers.”
“There’s no way you could kill is all,” he sneers, “Even if I fall, they will ensure you fall too.”
Her teeth glint as she smiles widely at her captive, “We shall see.”
The tendrils slowly peel away from her captive as she turns and continues toward the entrance.
“I would prefer it if we could keep a professional relationship around your creatures,” she calls over her shoulder, “To save any unnecessary bloodshed.”
She smirks when his answering growl echoes off the wall.
Once exiting the town hall Psy saunters down the sidewalk for two streets before turning down the third. She enters the closest dwelling, sinking into the shadows as she slunk down the darkened corridor.
She re-emerges in the closet of a basement a few blocks away, near the edge of the once great city. A white glow seeped through the crack under the door, meaning that the occupant had to be active. Sighing internally she pulls the door open, staring at her biggest weakness. The white haired man sat on the edge of the small cot no less than a metre from where she stood. He leans back a little to stare at her, showing off his heavily wrapped torso. They hadn’t had time to stay long at the hospital the night that Eciov launched his attack meaning that Jack’s recovery wasn’t turning out to be the smoothest. Putting on shirts had proven to be a painful experience for both of them so the doctor had forgone wearing them until he healed. Her gaze flickered to the couch and the doorway of the small kitchen, searching for the other occupants that had been hanging around.
“The leeches finally found a way out huh?” she snickers, crossing to the couch.
She flops onto the couch as the doctor nods in answer to the question.
“Took Pinky with them too?” she observes.
He nods again, “She wasn’t too pleased with the arrangement.”
Her mouth pulls up at one corner, “I wouldn’t be too happy either. I suppose that means it’s the two of us again, just like old times.”
A low growl resonates through the floor boards above them.
Psy chuckles, glancing up at the cement ceiling, “Make that three then.”
Crumbling city
Well here's an epilogue for the City of Dark Powers.

Considering maybe a spin off of Vy living with vampires or maybe a second series.

Hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments and such...


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I didn't like what I wrote last and I don't know what to write now...

I like reading, drawing and writing (the last two should be obvious if you look in my gallery).
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Yet another old meme... still got nothing to do because the results are being compiled still *sigh*

1)How old are you?

Jack: 7 or 8 I haven’t been keeping track

Psy: I’d say almost ten

Zip: physically I’m 19 or something

Id: physically I’m 17

Gelus: Gelus does not count years

Vy: 18 ish

Bright: 3 or 4

2)Do you have any nicknames?

Jack: Bunny lately…

Psy: Crazy cat is the nicest one

Zip: Dog…although I’m not a dog anymore

Id: I’d rather not say

Gelus: Puff ball…

Vy: cutie or kitten

Bright: I don’t have one

3)What’s your height?

Jack: not sure

Psy: In human form about five seven

Zip: five foot nine

Id: five foot six I think?

Gelus: Gelus does not know

Vy: same as Id probably

Bright: don’t know


4) Are you a virgin?

Jack: not answering

Psy: pass

Zip: nope~

Id: Eer… next

Gelus: huh?

Vy: *blushes red*

Bright: yes


5)Who's your mate/spouse?

Jack: don’t have one

Psy: D I suppose…

Zip: Vy

Id: Pass… *blushes slightly*

Gelus: No

Vy: my Zippy~

Bright: Don’t have one

6) any comments so far

Jack: I feel like I have done this before…

Psy: I’m bored

Zip: can we hurry this along?

Id: nothing specific

Gelus: Gelus is getting hungry…

Vy: Keep the questions going~

Bright: This seems pointless


7) Do u have any kids?
All: NO

8)Fav food?

Jack: I don’t really eat a lot

Psy: Hatred and anger I guess…maybe cake?

Zip: don’t really want to say

Id: eer… gelato maybe?

Gelus: Gelus likes emotion and bitter stuff

Vy: Sweet things like cotton candy~

Bright: nothing in particular


9) Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Jack: Vanilla

Psy: nutella

Zip: mint

Id: coconut

Gelus: Gelus likes lots of flavours

Vy: rainbow

Bright: don’t have one

10)Have you ever killed anyone?

Jack: No

Psy: Yes but he’s alive again

Zip: No sadly

Id: No

Gelus: No

Vy: Why would I have?

Bright: Wish I could kill some people…


11) do you hate any one?

Jack: Anyone who means others harm

Psy: bright and bubbly people

Zip: I don’t hate people

Id: I don’t really feel anything

Gelus: Gelus likes to eat hate…

Vy: Psy and Bright sometimes

Bright: Vy mostly

12) Do you have any secrets?

Jack: Not really

Psy: No

Zip: One or two

Id: *shrugs*

Gelus: Gelus isn’t good at secrets… most the time unless it is super important

Vy: nope

Bright: no

13)Whats your job?

Jack: to make Penny happy when possible and some other little things

Psy: irritate ‘her’ and make ‘her’ feel bad

Zip: influence motivation

Id: creativity and calm kinda

Gelus: Gelus controls emotions

Vy: I’d rather not say…

Bright: to help Jack

14) What do you do to relax?

Jack: not a lot…

Psy: play with people…

Zip: have fun with people

Id: think…

Gelus: Gelus kind of sleeps

Vy: swim…

Bright: Sleep

15) have you met any other voices yet?

Jack: there are whispers but nothing solid

Psy: only minions that I make

Zip: only my little kitten~

Id: on occasion

Gelus: nope~

Vy: others? There are newer ones aside from me?

Bright: none

16) do you like your creator?

Jack: of course

Psy: not a lot…and that’s being polite

Zip: meh *shrugs*

Id: I neither like nor dislike her

Gelus: Gelus likes Penny~

Vy: *shrugs*

Bright: neither like nor dislike really


17) any last words?

Jack: I have done this before right?

Psy: Back to doing things that are much more entertaining

Zip: next time be more interesting with the questions

Id: I found this uninspiring

Gelus: do it again~

Vy: this was not as fun as I expected…

Bright: waste of time

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